The 3rd Conference of the Society for Medical Anthropology

The Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA, of the American Anthropological Association plans to hold its third conference in 2020 in a country in Latin America and the Caribbean. The objective is to create a space for intellectual exchange in which the anthropological work of the region, which is rarely discussed in anglophone spaces, is recognized and shared with professionals and students from any part of the world. To this end, we have selected a cross-cutting theme, Shared histories? Relocation and decentralization of medical anthropology in a global world, and three central themes:
a. Critical epidemiology, social medicine, and critical medical anthropology.
b. Indigenous movements and intercultural health care.
c. Sexual and reproductive health and rights.

We are inviting organizations and institutions from Latin America and the Caribbean to send proposals to sponsor the congress. Please complete the form ( and send me the official letter of support before October 15th. The SMA board will consider all the proposals during its annual meeting in November and will contact everyone who has sent a proposal immediately after.

The conference will be held in Spanish and English and will include translation services.

Thank you.

Dr. Arachu Castro,
President of the Society for Medical Anthropology

Arachu Castro, PhD, MPH
Samuel Z. Stone Chair of Public Health in Latin America
Director, Collaborative Group for Health Equity in Latin America (CHELA)
President, Society for Medical Anthropology of the American Anthropological Association
Department of Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences – International Health and Development Section
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
1440 Canal Street, Suite 2220, Mail Code #8319 | New Orleans, LA 70112 USA | Tel. +1-504-988-7177 |<>

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